Watercolor birds

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Watercolor birds

7 watercolor cute Birds, isolated elements, PNG transparent background, approx. 3000-3000 px.(10-10 inches; 25,4-25,4 cm)

6 watercolor Bird eggs, isolated elements, PNG transparent background, approx. 1000-1000 px.(3,3-3,3 inches; 8,47-8,47 cm)

1 watercolor Bird nest, isolated element, PNG transparent background, approx. 3500-3500 px.(11,67-11,67 inches; 29,63-29,63 cm)

4 wreaths with Birds, JPEG files, approx. 5000×5000 px. (16,67-16,67 inches; 42,33-42,33 cm)

High quality illustration of 300 dpi, RGB.

It can be used for invitations, wedding and other celebratory design, websites, DIY works, banners, posters, labels, cosmetic products design, printing on fabric (T-shirts, backpacks, linens and other textile design), cards and so much more.

Have a nice day and creative inspiration!

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