All the products on DIGITANZA are covered by our DIGITANZA Commercial License.

By purchasing a product on DIGITANZA (or downloading a free product from us) you confirm that you agree to this License and you guarantee that you will not use any product purchased/downloaded from us in a prohibited way, either not allowed by this License and/or by any other valid law.

DIGITANZA Commercial License allows Personal and Commercial use.

One (1) user who purchased a product from DIGITANZA or downloaded a free product is allowed to:

– create an unlimited number of end products not for sale (for your personal use or for a gift to family members or friends)
– create a limited number of the physical end products for commercial purposes (up to 500 sales of the end product per month)
– create a limited number of digital end products for sale with the Fonts and Graphic elements only (up to 500 sales of the end product per month).
– create a content for your social media account (1 account) with an unlimited number of impression of the content

One (1) user who purchased a product from DIGITANZA or downloaded a free product is NOT allowed to:

– share the original product with any other person
– resell the original product
– distribute the original product in any manner, even for free
– use the original or a modified from the original product on Print on Demand websites
– convert the product to other formats and resell them or distribute in any other manner
– convert cut files to embroidery files
– convert fonts to embroidery alphabet files
– convert fonts to alphabets for cutting machines
– use the product in any manner that is not allowed by any valid law

Please note: All products on DIGITANZA are covered by our DIGITANZA Commercial License.
Hovewer, some Quotes (SVG files/Graphics with text) may be trademarked for a specific usage (for example a quote may be trademarked specifially for T-Shirts, or for Skateboards, etc.), meaning that you will not be able to use that quote for a usage that is trademarked, but you are allowed to use that quote for for any other usage that is not trademarked.
The trademark for any quote may become active/expire at any moment of time. Before creating any product with the quote you purchased/downloaded for free, you must check if the quote is not not trademarked for that usage.
You can check the trademark on the official website
By purchasing (or downloading for free) any product on DIGITANZA you confirm that you take full responsibility for checking the trademark before using the digital files. DIGITANZA is not responsible for any illegal usage of the digital products purchased/downloaded from us.

If you are unsure about the permitted usage of the file you purchase, please contact Digitanza Support.