Breathe Neue

Breathe Neue is not just an update of my renowned Breathe of 2010, this is something else…

Many times I find myself looking for inspiration in my previous creations. The original Breathe has something on its essence: Something that almost 10 years later still caught my attention. Like its name suggests, letters seem to be breathing, moving, alive. Many years passed so I asked myself if there was still something I could do for it, something to get the most of that beautiful essence… Suddenly, I was already working on its curves: Many new loops, more polished, more refined. Also the proportion and spacing were altered to embellish the font.

Breathe Neue’s swashes are addictive. I couldn’t find another word. Irresistible? Maybe. Once you see some of its loops you want to see more. I believe this might be due to its very geometrical feel, which match well with the bodonian curves of the font.

See also how well it works with Breathe Caps. And what if you combine them with Breathe Special? wow.

I’m still young (yeah, sure) and I believe there’re still many years ahead to enjoy this great profession, and to make many new (and astonishing, I hope) fonts. But I also think, it’s time to pamper my first creations. They deserve the best treatment, after all, they were once a success!

This is what I did with my lovely Breathe. I hope you like it.


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I found in the typography a space to develop, experiment and find the balance between two areas that are of my interest: The spontaneous of the artistic with the rigid of mathematics.
I have always been a person with a tendency and love towards the exact sciences.
Perhaps typography is the branch of graphic design that can best meet my needs.
Nothing is beautiful because yes.
There must be something behind, a set of very conscious decisions, which leave random outside of typographic creation.

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