Sassy Bundle

Sassy Quote Bundle – Over 50 SVG Designs! The perfect bundle to jump-start your business.

You will get the design listed below in the following formats:


  1. 100% Don’t Care
  2. I promise that I 100% don’t care
  3. Don’t like my attitude? I don’t like your face
  4. It’s not me, it’s you
  5. Whatever floats your goat
  6. Zero Clucks Givens
  7. Anti-Social
  8. Anti- You
  9. How about NO
  10. Woah, Chances are I don’t care
  11. Repeating myself is fun – said no mom ever
  12. That will be a no
  13. Good girl with a good playlist
  14. hot mess express
  15. save the thigh gaps for the flamingoes
  16. if it requires bra or pants it ain’t happening
  17. Sorry I’m late, I have kids
  18. Sorry I’m Late, my dogs are cooler than you
  19. Sorry I’m Late, I didn’t want to come
  20. Sorry I’m Late, My bed wanted me to stay home
  21. Surrounded By Idiots
  22. Overreact? Probably
  23. Milk
  24. I get my attitude from all the women in my family
  25. Yes I talk to myself
  26. All of my pants are sassy
  27. Warning I speak fluent Sarcasm
  28. Y’all ain’t Right
  29. I wish my patience were as thick as my thighs
  30. Loading Sarcasm
  31. Holy enough to pray hood enough to swing
  32. If only sass burned calories
  33. I have a good heart but this mouth
  34. Losing my mind one kid at a time
  35. torn between looking like a snack or eating one
  36. torn between looking like a snack or eating one (2)
  37. Men to the left because women are always right
  38. Men to the left because women are always right (2)
  39. Adulting is hard
  40. I can’t I have plans with myself
  41. Give me a minute to overthink this.
  42. Kinda Care, Kinda don’t
  43. My brain has too many tabs open
  44. I came I saw I made it awkward
  45. Don’t agree with me? That’s okay, we can’t all be right
  46. Caution – Explosive attitude
  47. SAVAGE
  48. Pasture Attitude
  50. Sarcasm Is My Love Language
  51. If My Mouth Doesn’t Say It, My Face Will.
  52. You Say Bossy, I hear leadership

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Providing fun crafting files in – SVG – PNG – DXF – EPS – formats for those who love to create new projects. All files can be used for commerical purposes with popular cutting software like Cricut and Silhouette machines.

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