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Dear all!

I glad to introduce to you my new display font Anchor. I was inspired by Russian fairy tales with cyrillic lettering. So I hope you’ll keep a bit of fairy in you upcoming products using my font. Please, mind a spirit!

It perfectly fits to making design from corporative identity to Xmas cards. And of course didn’t forget about extra symbols for european languages. Good luck and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


  • regular
  • italic
  • bold
  • italic bold

Zip-folder includes:

  • Anchor-Bold.eot
  • Anchor-Bold.otf
  • Anchor-Bold.ttf
  • Anchor-Bold.woff
  • Anchor-Bold.woff2
  • Anchor-Italic.eot
  • Anchor-Italic.otf
  • Anchor-Italic.ttf
  • Anchor-Italic.woff
  • Anchor-Italic.woff2
  • Anchor-Italicbold.eot
  • Anchor-Italicbold.otf
  • Anchor-Italicbold.ttf
  • Anchor-Italicbold.woff
  • Anchor-Italicbold.woff2
  • Anchor-Regular.eot
  • Anchor-Regular.otf
  • Anchor-Regular.ttf
  • Anchor-Regular.woff
  • Anchor-Regular.woff2
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